Stunning Ideas for House Renovation

“The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, if one goes by the cover, is a book that would instruct you to take care of your bike but delve inside and it deals with philosophy. The same could apply for house renovations and the approaches you adapt to achieve the looks you want or improve on functionality or comfort.

Nuts and bolts approach

Cost everything from paint work to tiling, window replacement, bathroom fixtures and furnishings and then go out and buy products that fit into your budget. You get a job done but not necessarily well done. Engineers may build machines that way but even then the outcome is proportional to inputs.

Concepts and designs approach

When you think of interiors and exteriors, you can approach it from the concept and design perspective. There are dozens of different styles and you can pick any one as a starting point. Looking at other houses that look good and taking photographs is a good way to start and from there you can make your own changes. The next step is to get down to costing and budgeting.

Quality at the core

When you take on the task of house renovation there are dozens of inputs required. You will need paint, flooring, furnishings, bathroom fixtures, kitchen décor, accessories and all those little things that ultimately harmonize into a pleasing visual that reflects class and elegance. As you go higher up the scale, things do not become costly, they become mightily expensive. While you are at it, make it an interesting exercise to consider everything from the best in class materials and services to compromises where they are not likely to be noticed and you could end up at a level of quality above the average, one that fits budgets. Quality costs so be prepared to spend accordingly. It is some people’s philosophy that only the best is good enough.

What suits you and makes you feel comfortable is what is best

Most people are fascinated by the looks of other people’s houses and by images in magazines. Ask yourself what good is it recreating such expensive looks if you are afraid to stretch out, put your feet up, relax and feel at home? Your home is your citadel, a place where you feel comfortable and in harmony with your surroundings. You could approach renovation from this perspective and it would make a difference. Consider an interior that is picture perfect but plainly without a soul. You do not want that. Copying is not the solution because each individual is different and each family is different. Do you want to show off or do you want your house to be your home with its warmth? The answer is there.

home lighting renovation

Lighting, ventilation, energy efficiency

Eh, What’ that? It is lighting that creates atmosphere and ventilation that creates comfort. Factor in these two crucial matters as well as energy efficiency otherwise it is money ill spent.

Renovating the interior at the expense of the exteriors

This is a common happening as budgets are stretched and exteriors are neglected or receive a perfunctory touch. The exterior does not imply only the walls and roof; your driveway, garden and everything that connects to your house must be included in your renovation plan.

This is where you start thinking, jot down a few concepts and then consult a builder with experience in renovations to give you precise advice and friendly guidance on spending money wisely.